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Shahin Atamov and Roman Heydarov became bronze medalists of Europe

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08 May 2017 14:21

   Azerbaijani karatekas Shahin Atamov (+82 kg) and Roman Heydarov (kata) completed their performances at the European Championship with bronze medals. Despite the chance to compete in the finals, for some reason they failed to raise to a higher step of the pedestal. The President of the Federation, a member of the Technical Committee of the WKF, as well as the Executive Committee of the EKF Yashar Bashirov took part in the awarding ceremony.

    The national team, which took part for the first time in official kata competitions, lost in the fight for bronze medal due to lack of experience.

    The primary male team is training for the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games and for this reason the 52nd Continental Championship in Kocaeli, Turkey was attended by members of the second composition.

    International Judge Jahangir Babaev, performing responsible work as an assistant of the Tatami Manager of the Championship, was commissioned to manage the final matches. Together with him Judge Yusif Mammadov was awarded with special badges dedicated to the 10th anniversary of refereeing activity in the European Karate Federation.



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