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The fights of «Diamond» of the world karate - Rafael Agayev in «Open De Paris» tournament

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29 Yanvar 2015 12:22

    Having missed the official tournament due to injury and surgical operation in 2014, Rafael Agayev noted comeback with victory. He again defeated his main rival in -75 kg weight category and favorite of the Premier League, Italian Luigi Busa, and once again proved that he is one of the strongest karate masters in the world.

    Unfortunately, unfair refereeing has become an obstacle to the medals for the world famous karate athlete. At the end of the fifth fight, as a result of uncomprehensible judicial decision, the victory was given to the famous Ukrainian athlete Stanislav Gorun. Rafael Agayev was forced to stop the fight prematurely and left the hall to the applause of thousands of spectators.

    The fight between repeated champions and prize-winners of the World and European Championships, Rafael Agayev and Luigi Busa, experts have called as the most exciting fight of the championship. To this day, rivals have met seven times, including the finals of official competitions and five times the winner was Rafael. Experts have declared that Rafael Agaev has the pride of professional athlete, admitted that they enjoyed the fights of Azerbaijani, which continues to claim the victory, despite the fact that he missed a few competitions due to injury.

    Given the enormous interest to the person of the Azerbaijani leader Rafael Agayev, we present to you his fights in Premier League tournament in high-quality video format (HD).

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